Autumn thick shirt | hot custom men's hot investment to join

Hangzhou autumn Italian concentration Industrial Co., Ltd. began in 1993, the main shirt. Thanks to its outstanding quality of autumn shirts and media coverage of radio, radio, newspapers and the like, it has won a large part of consumers and the market recognition. Superb technology, excellent quality, making the "Autumn Italian concentrated" brand "Hangzhou famous trademark", "Zhejiang famous brand" and so on, in 1998, autumn thick shirt in Beijing's Great Hall of the People won the "national boutique shirt" The title. Autumn thick Italian clothing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional custom men's shirt large-scale enterprises, to join the autumn concentrated personalized shirt custom C2M project, 0 investment, 0 risk, 0 inventory. Do not need the entire store autumn thick products, only need to provide one or two counter to the autumn Italian show customized fabrics, collar, samples can be. Join Autumn thick, the store only need to provide the volume of service, shirt products are shipped directly from autumn thick factory, businesses earn are net income, extra income. Joining the advantages: 1, fall thick Italian clothing Technology Co., Ltd. under the autumn Italian concentration group, all products shipped by the autumn thick, so parents do not have to worry about the backlog of inventory, without any risk you can easily shop. 2, Autumn thick company free to provide you with the establishment of shops to provide technical guidance, so that parents can enjoy more caring service. 3, the company provides hundreds of fabrics, collar, version with your choice, no Yahuo. Fashionable, diversified fashion. Let you occupy the upper hand in the custom shirt industry. Autumn thick repeatedly won the "China Famous Brand" and other national honors, quality assurance. 4, have a perfect pre-sale, after-sale system, so that parents in the process of joining without worries. Autumn thick concentrated shirt C2M project partners to join the popular investment, join the autumn thick custom platform, grasp the next "outlet" personalized custom market, embracing the Internet to bring new wealth and create their own new business model! For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public number: autumn shirt (qynmall), consult QQ: 3507901861, can also call 400-881-0058 consultation.

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