Into the Italian men's fashion, solid and wise style, wonderful interpretation of the FKYM 2009 latest men's fashion

FKYM is the dual fusion of Eastern and Western style and charm: the European design concept, with Japan's rigorous, meticulous production process perfect presentation. In 2008, FKYM partnered with Riccardo Rami Studio in Florence, Italy to create a designer's studio, injecting Italian men's fashion, sophistication and wisdom into a fantastic interpretation of FKYM's latest 2009 men's fashion. Tight liquidity, increased operating costs, and ever-shrinking trade volume - the virtualized financial crisis has brought unprecedented negative impacts on many substantive economic entities and has led to a sharp decline in profits, an unprecedented crisis Feeling started to spread rapidly in all walks of life. For the textile and apparel industry represented by labor-intensive industries, the impact is more obvious and prominent. The news that enterprises are forced to lay off, stop production and close down has been constantly reported in various news and media reports. Recently, when reporters learned that Dalian Fukuyama Garment Co., Ltd. "against the trend" in the context of this economic depression, but busy with news of career, with doubts and curiosity into the Fukuyama clothing, ready Explore one of the "mysteries" where.

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