Men into the regional market strategy

Men how to enter the regional market? Specific to take what effective measures? How to maintain performance growth? These are the men's enterprises want to open up new markets are widely concerned about the issue. That year, JACK & JONES successfully entered the market in Hangzhou, is undoubtedly a classic case in this regard. For brand enterprises, how to expand the market is an eternal proposition. The behavior of each brand varies, so the results will be different. Adopting the expansion strategy of "tailoring measures to local conditions" is the key to whether garment brand enterprises, including men's wear, can succeed in market expansion. Mao Yaqin former JACK & JONES area manager in Hangzhou. During his tenure, JACK & JONES recorded significant growth in Hangzhou. JACK & JONES is how to enter the market in Hangzhou? What concrete measures have been taken? Let us listen to Mao Yaqin one by one. The lead-in period - the key to the investigation Before JACK & JONES entered the Hangzhou market, it first investigated the status of the local menswear market of the same kind and conducted a comprehensive understanding of the history, business sales and marketing strategies of the competing brands. Mao Yaqin believes that the only way to pinpoint positioning, to be targeted. For retail brand companies, data management has played a crucial role. The data most scientifically and objectively reflect the information the business needs. Therefore, to the local men's market sales data to do an objective analysis, we must first get the real data. Data access has three channels: First, get accurate data from the important local department store. This is the best way. Second, to the competition brand stores to statistics into the volume and carrying bags rate. Although this method is primitive, it is a very effective market research method. Currently, many brands use this method to collect data before entering new markets. Third, buy products from counters of competing brands and at the same time understand sales status of competing brands to sales staff. In this way, you can also get relatively intuitive and reliable sales data. In addition to the data analysis, there is a need to know the needs of local consumers. Understand the needs of consumers, the brand new market must do homework. Common way is through the consulting firm for lens interviews. Pre-set some questions on the brand's target consumer groups to interview. JACK & JONES got some preliminary judgments, brand opportunities, brand difficulties, brand how to do; Then, we must begin to examine the suitable for their own brand shop in the region, according to their own brand positioning , Study the level of consumption in the local area, set their own shop area. In considering the number of new market openings, reference to similar brands in the local city shop rate, the study of regional consumer groups and brand positioning of consumer groups. JACK & JONES did the same thing initially. JACK & JONES in the first and second tier cities in the form of entering the market to open up the market. Therefore, the study of the positioning of local shopping centers, plans to open an important basis for the number of shops. Nowadays, many cities are building subways. The construction of subways has made the city bigger. There has been a new type of residential area where many young upstarts are gathered. Therefore, JACK & JONES also started a community shop. In the community shop, will choose to match the brand positioning of the community to conduct an investigation, inspection shop traffic, residential occupancy rate, lighting rate, etc., as a basis for the decision whether to shop in this community. Operational - Winning JACK & JONES will be marketed in fashion magazines when it enters new markets, with little use of local media. They are committed to building a terminal store and terminal services, such as counter decoration and sales staff training. Terminal store not only shows the brand image, but also a way to promote the brand. Terminal training is the traditional JACK & JONES, high-quality terminal services is their way of promoting themselves. JACK & JONES that good service can bring good word of mouth. Unlike many brands that emphasize advertising, they value consumer word of mouth. JACK & JONES's approach allowed it to grow steadily as it entered new markets and continue to be successful in expanding new channels. JACK & JONES sales achieved over the years is a good proof of success.

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