Healthy Snacks VF Vegetables With Good Price  

Production Process: Low Temperature Vacuum Fried vegetables Texture: Crispy snacks  Oil Type: Palm oil Shape: chips Size: chips Flavour :salty AGOLYN vacuum fried are made from 100% fresh vegetables, Retain the original color, shape and taste of vegetables(fruits) in a good appearance. We only use healthy palm oil, easily digested and absorbed. And all the products only use the oil once, do not reuse ! 100% natural , no deep frying, no additives, no preservatives. Up to 95% nutrients preserved, low fat, low calorie, high nutrient, high fiber. Buy it,then you can harvest the taste of potato chips and the health of fruits and vegetables at the same time.…

Fresh Apples Fresh Apricots Fresh Avocados Fresh Bananas Fresh Berries Fresh Cherries Fresh Citrus Fruit Fresh Coconuts Fresh Dragon Fruit Fresh Durians Fresh Grapes Fresh Guava Fresh Kiwi Fruit Fresh Mangos Fresh Melons Fresh Olives Fresh Papaya Fresh Peaches Fresh Pears Fresh Pineapples Fresh Plums Fresh Pomegranates Other Fresh Fruit

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