Solid Plastic Composite Flooring  

SPC (Solid Plastic Composite) refers to the composite of natural stone and environmentally friendly vinyl stone plastic, which has a more durable, stable structure and a variable surface. The SPC floor is made of PVC resin and stone powder calcined at high temperature. It does not use glue and other substances, and its formaldehyde content is far Lower than the national standard floor formaldehyde best standard 0.1mg/L.  SPC flooring composition is stone powder and colophony, so one of stone model floor advantage is flame retardant. The stone plastic composite can resist decades of expansion and contraction, and in some places moisture can be a problem. lt is 100% waterproof and does not distort or twist. SPC floor is specially designed with "Unilin" and Valinge lock system It is easy to install and does not require glue.

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