2015 Spring Summer Show Fashion: 70's Flowers

The hippie trend of the 1970s became the main theme of many designers in the 2015 spring and summer show. The vigorous participation of flowers is full of vitality. The bright bohemian printing that incorporates the elements of the Middle East is not only a popular element, but also reflects the an ......Reading more

Fashion fish trendy children make your child a differen…

With the progress of the times, the improvement of living standards, changes in people's concept, especially for young parents, not only to wear their own fashion, children wear more fashionable. Fashion fish brand children's clothing, to meet the parents, children's various fashion wee ......Reading more

Christmas fur with tips Christmas wear fur right?

If we wear luxury fur to attend at Christmas time, will it cause a "riot"? Luxury, atmosphere, on the grade of fur, coupled with dresses or hot pants, full of hot feeling. Pink fur or white fur, are little girls like the color. If you like it, let Xiaobian now take you into their colloca ......Reading more

Congratulations: Ma Xi Lu brand Ningxiang shop grand op…

As one of the women's fashion brands Mashi Lu , no matter how bad the external environment, investment schemes have never stopped. Recently, Ma Xilu brand Ningxiang shop grand opening. New store opened, will be sent to the local consumers new winter clothing. In sending the new at the same tim ......Reading more

What to wear to your child for Christmas

Christmas is approaching, red and green colors set off the lively atmosphere, holiday season clothing has a distinctive feature, from color to style are filled with a warm holiday atmosphere. Christmas, how are you going to open your kids a different Christmas season? Mummy Star Kids 2014 Winter Ne ......Reading more

How about Bulgari bracelets?

How about the Bulgari bracelet? In the production of jewellery, Bulgari uses the color as the essence of the design, and uniquely combines the gems of different colors to use the base of different materials to highlight the dazzling color of the gems. Italy's Bulgar ......Reading more